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You’ve had a busy day at work, the kids needed ferrying to football club. Then there’s the random chores, the ironing fairy has done a runner and tomorrow’s shirt is looking as creased as your tired brow.

You need a good night’s sleep and for that you need a calm and tranquil bedroom. To achieve this, simply overhaul your bedroom, with some feng shui.

So, start closing your sliding wardrobe doors and follow our other top tips to install some harmony into your sleeping space.


Take a breather

Stale air and impurities add nothing to the ambience of your room. You need to let in fresh air to ensure your bedroom swims in first-rate oxygen.

You can keep the air clean and ventilate your bedroom by opening windows, or you could invest in an air-purifier.


Shut that door

Open doors can be an invitation for nourishing energy to waltz on out of your bedroom.

Before you go to bed close all the doors – this includes en-suite bathroom doors, the bedroom door and even the sliding wardrobe doors. Keeping the energy in will help to bolster well-being and positive relationships.


Lighten the mood

Bright light can be draining when you are trying to relax. Ideally you should be able to vary the lighting in line with your needs, brighter for getting ready to go and a less harsh light is better for reading or relaxing before bed – fitting a dimmer switch can be useful.

Candles can add a real feeling of comfort and serenity, choose natural candles -these refresh the energy in the room.


Out with the old

Clutter is not a good look and it doesn’t add anything to the feeling of restfulness that you are trying to create in your bedroom.

Take some time out to get organized, empty the wardrobe and throw out things you do not love.

Neatly hang and fold and treat yourself to attractive and functional storage boxes. When you next open those sliding wardrobe doors, feel the satisfaction of an organised, fresh closet.

Here at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we offer a great range in superior sliding wardrobe doors, made-to-measure at our workshop in The Cotswolds. Choose from many finishes including oak, walnut and beech that will enhance the look of your bedroom and help to create a warm and inviting space.

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Dave Collins