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How lovely it would be to have a bedroom that looks attractive, feels inviting, smells fresh and alluring, sounds peaceful and tastes…well, if I had to choose a taste for my bedroom I guess it would be dark chocolate! (Rich, luxurious and dreamy).

There are many ways to add style to your bedroom – from a complete makeover to small tweaks, such as new light fittings or smart new sliding wardrobe doors.


“Man needs colour to live, it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water.” – Fernand Leger

Effective use of colour can have a real impact on the style and vibe of your bedroom. Creams, whites and browns are soothing hues that are linked to feng shui (they remind us of skin colours).

You can incorporate colour into your bedroom fixtures and fittings too, be it purchasing new shelves or updating sliding wardrobe doors – just make sure you choose a complementary shade.


“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Furnishing your bedroom with art can be tricky. Art can be an emotive subject, and personal taste plays a big part.

Positive images tend to conjure up happier thoughts, sometimes you need to think about what the art portrays and how it makes you feel, as well as just concentrating on style.


“There is nothing more beautiful than the light of a Candle and the Aroma of its Heart.”Stanley Victor Paskavich, Return to Stantasyland 

Style isn’t always about how things look, an air of sophistication can also be created with a beautifully aromatic candle or essential oils. Stale air does nothing for style and it costs nothing to open the window and air the room for a fresh feel.

Extend the luxury of aroma to your wardrobe, sachets of lavender help prevent moths and keep your clothes smelling lovely, plus a waft of lavender as you open your sliding wardrobe doors early in the morning should be a welcome pick-up.


“The world is quiet here.”Lemony Snicket

Your bedroom should be a place for peace and calm, remove disruptions, such as the kindle and laptop. Keep TV time for the living room and put your phone on silent (or even better, put it away)!

Minimise discord – sort out the creaking bedroom door, fix the dripping en-suite tap and install quiet sliding wardrobe doors.


Add style to your bedroom with made to measure sliding wardrobe doors.

Here at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we offer a comprehensive service – crafting high-quality sliding wardrobe doors at our very own workshop, in The Cotswolds.

We offer a number of finishes including oak, walnut and beech for your stylish new sliding wardrobe doors, to ensure you have the right look for your bedroom.

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