If you have a small and restricted unused space in your home, just enough to accommodate a closet or a cloakroom, you might well think of making good use. You might have a lot of clothes to store, coats and jackets to hang, in which case the closet would be a welcome addition.

Or, the family might benefit from an extra toilet, especially if your existing one precludes anyone else using the bathroom.

However, your choice may be dictated by the amount of space you actually have to work with. Whatever the size, we can make for you sliding doors wardrobes made to measure, so there is always the closet option. And in a range of different styles you can find here on this site Sliding Wardrobe Company.

Going the cloakroom route is possible but a more limited option. Space will be an issue, for starters. You’ll need to have roughly a minimum area of 80cm x 140cm; at the very least, 70cm x 130cm if you’re going for the bare basics of toilet and hand basin. And remember to factor in room for the door to be able to swing open, else you’ll need to attach an outward opening door.

Then there’s the question of whether it’s possible to plumb in your fixtures. That will depend on your existing plumbing. Usually, you’ll need to lift the floor to run hot and cold water pipes underneath to supply your toilet and basin. Unless it’s a downstairs cloakroom and you can drop pipes down from the first floor above.

If you want to include a radiator in your new cloakroom, you’ll most likely need to lift floorboards in the adjoining room and extend the pipework from the nearest radiator in there.

And then your waste water pipes will need to drain downhill into what’s called the soil pipe, a conduit on the outside of your building that takes away your sewage and waste. If the space you want to turn into a cloakroom is on the other side of the house to the soil pipe, you may have difficulties in installing everything you want.

All in all, a cloakroom will need the services of several different tradesman, typically a joiner, a plumber, a tiler, a floor fitter, a plasterer, labourers and decorators if you’re not doing it yourself. A closet with sliding wardrobe doors, in contrast, can be manufactured and fitted by our highly skilled craftsmen.

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