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Colour can have a huge impact on our mood. This means when decorating a room, it’s important to really think about the proposed interior. You could start by using a mood board (a large board incorporating your favourite ideas – including pictures, swathes of fabric and colour charts).

Painting or papering walls is an obvious way to brighten up your room. It’s worth considering flooring too, and the colour of other complementary items, including accessories and bedroom furniture. Sliding wardrobe doors are available in different shades e.g. oak and walnut and can add a nice finishing touch to your newly fashioned bedroom.

Below we have listed more ideas to help you get creative when choosing the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom.


Be Bold

Your bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning; it should reflect your tastes and personality. If you are decorating your house with a sale in mind, you could be advised to stick to neutral creams and whites as a way to please the masses.

But, if you are decorating for yourself, then why not please yourself?

Think about your favourite colours and the ones that make you happy, if that’s seaside blue or burnt orange, then don’t be afraid to go for those colours. You can tone things down with carefully considered accessories, laminate flooring and complimentary fittings, like sliding wardrobe doors.


Be Creative

Your mood board beckons and it’s great to visually bring together all of your ideas before you get started. Think about the overall look you are trying to achieve – a dramatic feel can be reached via deep purples and rich reds.

A neutral scheme can have a calming effect and you can play around with textures and shades. Flick through magazines, visit stores, go on-line (Pinterest can throw forward great ideas) and take inspiration from places visit.


Be Sure

You don’t want to pick a colour and then fall out of love with it a few weeks later. Before you go all in, be sure buy some tester pots of colours that you are keen on. Arm yourself with a wad of A3 paper and get painting.

If you paint on the walls you will only see the patch of colour in one particular place. Painting on paper will enable you to move the paper around the room and try the colour out in different place

At Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we offer a high-quality service. Our crafted sliding wardrobe doors are made-to-measure, according to your precise needs. We understand the importance of having a stylish bedroom that you feel comfortable in and we can offer a number of finishes to suit your discerning tastes. Call us today.

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