How Sliding Wardrobe Doors Can Make Your Rental Property More Attractive

More people than ever are looking to rent, and as a landlord you need to make your property attractive to them.

When more homes are being bought to let, you want to have the edge.

Have you thought about fitting sliding wardrobe doors in your property?

They can be a deal maker when prospective tenants come to look around your home. Here’s why.

They’re aesthetically pleasing

Rental properties have a bad image of being a bit shabby and unappealing. Having fitted wardrobes means that your property is instantly given a lift, and looks a lot better than other properties in your neighbourhood.

They’re a great edge to have when your prospective tenants are considering several different places to rent.

They reduce the furniture renters need to buy

If your tenants are moving out of home for the first time, they’re going to need to buy a lot of furniture.

By having sliding wardrobe doors, you’ve taken one large item off their shopping list.

Even if they’re not first time renters, having those wardrobes installed can offer a lot more storage than the freestanding ones they already own.

They can be used anywhere in the house

Although they’re called ‘wardrobes’, they can actually be fitted anywhere in the home. Does the kitchen or bathroom need some extra storage? A wardrobe can create a lot of storage space in unused corners of the room.

You can even add one in the hallway, giving renters somewhere to put their coats and shoes.

They’re hard wearing

One thing all landlords want is sturdier fittings in their properties.

If you’re having to replace furniture every few months, it can get costly in a hurry.

Sliding wardrobe doors are fitted with care, and will last you for years to come. No more having to do repairs on inferior furniture, what could be better?

They create more storage

One thing all renters want is more storage. Adding sliding wardrobe doors in your rental property makes life a lot easier for the people living there.

They know that as soon as they move in, they have somewhere to store their belongings. It also helps them keep the house neat and tidy, which in turn will keep pests out.

Sliding wardrobe doors are inexpensive to install and easy to maintain, so they’re a landlord’s dream. If you’re thinking of adding some fitted wardrobes to your property, get in touch with Super Glide Wardrobes.

We have years of experience in fitting quality wardrobes. We’ll make a wardrobe to fit any space and to match any decor, so give us a call and get a quote today.

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Dave Collins
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