Design your bedroom for anti-insomnia functionality

When you don’t get enough sleep for an extended period you put yourself at risk for developing a myriad ailments – from high blood pressure to diabetes to memory loss. The Guardian reports insomnia is on the rise, especially for the 50+ set, and one major cause is the stressful inability to stop dwelling on the tasks that lie ahead for tomorrow

Once you cross the threshold of your bedroom you should be leaving yesterday and tomorrow behind.

You should be existing in the current moment of relaxation. Experts suggest soft lighting, meditation, herbal tea, white noise and even certain foods to soothe the nerves and relax. One obvious way to keep the tasks of tomorrow from overtaking your mind is to get them out of view! Clean clothes, dirty clothes, books, papers, bills are often strewn across bedrooms with abandon.

That will not help anyone get to sleep any sooner.

Here at Superglide we’ve been helping people clear the clutter from their bedrooms for twenty-five years. We’ve been alleviating the mess stress by turning bedrooms into the intimate, tranquil sanctuaries they are meant to be with our sliding wardrobe doors.

These engineering wonders allow you to hide from view and organise the items that so often pile up into a big monument to the mundane tasks that await you tomorrow.

Our wide array of frame and track colours make it easy to match whatever styles, patterns and colours your bedroom currently dons, with stylish, customised consistency. Consistency of colour, tone and texture has been shown to soothe the eye as well as the mind.

Our highly trained consultants will help you make all these decisions, and even deliver your custom doors free of charge! Our full-length panels are diverse enough to complement the aesthetic in your bedroom, lending it a soothing, meditative tone that will put your mind at ease the moment you enter.

We have so many colours, styles and textures to choose from: mirrored panels, coloured glass panels, frosted glass panels, wood grain panels and a slew of choices that we expand upon every year.  Our team also produces and installs the frames that line your opening and a variety of interiors built specifically to your requirements.

Once we’ve helped you create your storage solutions, you may be inspired to purchase our matching bespoke bedroom furniture and bedside cabinets.

Customising chests, drawers and interiors to your specifications is our speciality. Â Our products are made to fit your measurements, colour schemes and storage strategies. Our stock of basic materials is so abundant that your new bedroom can usually be delivered within three weeks of your order date.

So why not create an environment that will help you shut off your day as soon as you shut the door? Don’t feed insomnia with yet another contributing factor. Together we can devise that tranquil retreat that will enable you to stop stressing and start sleeping. Let’s get started today.

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