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When it comes to your bedroom furniture, you have more choice than you know. You can pick up a cheap stand-alone wardrobe to store your clothes in, for example. But there are better options out there.

Sliding wardrobe doors can offer more than you’d think when it comes to storage. Here’s five reasons why they beat traditional wardrobes every time.

  1. They can be made to fit your decor

If you’re buying a wardrobe, especially from a cheap outlet, you’ll have to pick some that kind of match your decor.

They’ll most likely stand out against your other furniture unless you buy everything in one go.

Sliding wardrobe doors on the other hand can be made to any specifications, using any number of colours or patterns.

You can buy some that will blend in with your decor, rather than sticking out.

  1. They can use any available space

Traditional wardrobes have to fit into any space you can get them in. If your bedroom’s on the small side, it can be a real hassle to make it work.

Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, work with the space you already have.

Because of this, you’ll find you can fit much more in them than you could with your old wardrobes.

Great if you need a place to stash your extensive shoe collection.

  1. They don’t just have to go in the bedroom

Don’t let the name fool you. They may be called sliding wardrobe doors, but they can really go anywhere in the house.

Are the kid’s toys taking over the living room? Corral them in a wardrobe. Do you need somewhere under the stairs to stash coats and umbrellas? A wardrobe door could be easily fitted. Need extra storage space in the kitchen? A wardrobe door could provide it.

In fact, if you have any empty alcoves or corners in your home, fitted wardrobes could turn them into excellent storage spots.

  1. They’re made to last

A pretty wardrobe may be the ticket in the short term, but they’re often not stable to stand up to long term use. Flimsy materials and less than perfect workmanship means that they’ll often fall apart or start looking rather battered before long.

Sliding wardrobe doors, on the other hand, will last for years and years.

They’re installed by experts, and fitted with devices that means they’ll stay functional for as long as you need them.

  1. You can fit more than clothes in them

Convinced? Come talk to us at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors. We’ll give you a quote for the best wardrobes for you and your needs.

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