Make working from home a pleasure

Who needs the stressful commute, the office dress code and water cooler gossip?  Working from home is a trend that’s gaining momentum and is definitely here to stay, as we become a more mobile, transient and efficiency-obsessed society.  The Daily Mail describes how much less stressful working from home can be –provided you make your workspace neat, clean, organized and sunny.  Though the home office eliminates travel time, wardrobe expense and micro-managing bosses, it does require some ingenuity and creativity.  It’s easy for at-home workers to lose focus, which makes it difficult to maintain momentum.  The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to take strict control of your work environment, designing it for efficiency, functionality and uplifting mood.  Your bright, sunny workspace should include a set up where materials and supplies are within reach, well organised and not too distracting – goals that can be met by installing sliding wardrobe doors behind which to organise and store all your work supplies.

We at Superglide have been setting up people’s home office productivity hubs for over three decades now, and we’re still devising fresh sliding wardrobe door solutions every year.

Our highly trained designer-installers understand how critical it is to structure and design home offices efficiently and aesthetically, so they are highly functional without being distracting. Keeping your business equipment and paperwork organised, labelled and easy to spot saves you time and frustration – leaving more of each to get your job done.   But it all needs to be aesthetically pleasing enough to spend eight hours in.  Take at look at our wide style selection of sliding doors and you’ll feel more like working right away.  Classic Cotswold, contemporary Millennium, exotic Oriental – we offer the styles that can set your work tone and inspire your productivity.

And for inside your wardrobe, well, there’s another task.  You’ve seen all the boxes, cabinets, hooks, pouches, bin sets and shelving options on the market  – it’s a bit overwhelming.  Our Superglide designer-engineers can install custom durable steel frame compartments for each and every one of your work tools, gadgets and supplies.   But busy professionals have little time to search for the perfect width and height.  You’ll save yourself hours, hassles and pounds when you order custom-made steel frame ceiling suspended sliding doors from us.  All we need are the measurements of the storage space (which we can help you decide on) and your finish and style selections.   If you already have a wooden desk and chair set in the room, you should order a set of matte finish walnut or oak laminate doors to maintain continuity and avoid jarring mismatches in your work environment.

At Superglide we are sticklers for quality, so you will never find a set of doors that squeak or stick.   Our family has been using Superglide doors in our own office for twenty-five years and we run a tight (not to mention profitable) ship.   So if you’re ready to transform your home office into an efficient, aesthetic, highly functional, productivity-friendly workspace, call us today.

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Dave Collins
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