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If you’re looking to get a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors in your bedroom, you may be wondering what materials are used for the sliding wardrobe doors.


There are a variety of wood finishes you can have for your sliding wardrobe doors. Beech, maple, oak, pear, walnut and wenge are some of the options we have available at Superglide Wardrobes. Wood is a great choice if you have wood furniture, as you have the choice to match and coordinate.


Glass is great for a sleek and modern look and can also come in many different colours – we offer black, cappuccino, orchard green, titanium grey, white, vanilla, cashmere, stone grey and flaming red colour options. Glass is a material that is versatile, and we also offer frosted glass styles with different patterns to suit your needs.


Laminate panels can add a pop of colour to your sliding wardrobe doors. Create your own funky patterns by alternating different colours on the different sliding doors. Play around with colours on our online “build your own” wardrobe tool!


Having mirrors on your sliding wardrobe doors is a great way to make the room look bright, airy and larger than it actually is. Mirrors are also practical and can be used in place of a free-standing mirror.

What you choose is all down to preference and the look of your room. Wood and mirror doors are more likely to go with anything, which makes them the safest option. If you’re looking for something more modern, then a frosted glass design could be right for you. Adding vibrant colour to your room is possible through laminate panels – the possibilities are endless!

If you would like some guidance with choosing the colours and materials of your sliding wardrobe doors, then contact us today!

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Dave Collins