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January is the perfect time to assess your old wardrobes and upgrade them in preparation for your new clothing hauls for the upcoming months. It’s the best time to toss old clothes, list the things to add to your basics and give your wardrobe a new look.

If your goal is to travel more this year, you don’t want to spend a lot of money upgrading your wardrobe so here are some sufficient ways to breathe a new life into your clothes without having to replace your entire wardrobe.

Detox your closet

Reserve an entire afternoon to go over your closet piece by piece and eliminate all the items that you no longer wear or have use for. 

Matching hangers

Looking for the easiest and best way to upgrade your closet? A full set of matching hangers will do the trick. There are various types of hangers that you can choose from colourful plastics, wood and even flocked hangers that hold onto the silkiest garments.

Whichever you desire, a closet instantly looks better when the hangers are matching.

Paint it

You can try a super-easy DIY that will only take a couple of hours. Dark paint colours  can makes the room appear dim and small. If you’re tired of this look, you can go for bright, pastels or mid-tone palette. Select a tone that will compliment your room.

Replace the doors

Buying a whole new wardrobe may not be the best decision especially if you have a lot of spending to do this year. The best recommendation interior designers provide if you’re on a budget is to replace the wardrobe doors.

You can opt for sliding glass doors they are stylish, save you a lot of space and will make any room appear larger than it actually is. Additionally, the best advantage in using sliding glass wardrobe doors is you can check your outfit from head to toe before heading out.

Get your wardrobe door professionally fitted by Superglide Wardrobes.

With more than 20 years of experience in the business, we guarantee to provide you with the highest quality of products and complete services from a fully fitted bedroom to include sliding wardrobe doors, dressing table, chests and bedside units.

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