Sliding glass doors are designed for beauty, efficiency and convenience. They’re a great addition to any home. But to keep them functioning properly, you need to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. A poorly maintained and cleaned glass doors can be unattractive and bothersome.

Vacuum the sill tracks

Run the vacuum over the tracks at least once in the autumn and spring but if you use the door frequently you can clean it weekly. A tip that may save your time is to regularly sweep or vacuum the area just outside the door to help reduce the amount of dirt that gets dragged into the tracks.

Spray Teflon based lubricant

You can spray a Teflon based lubricant or just a similar product on a dry soft cloth and wipe it to the track. The lubricant will not harm the wood surfaces. There are also lubricate rollers with a light machine oil such as the sewing machine oil that you can use to clean the tracks.

Clean the outside of the vinyl frame

Use a mild dish washing liquid and add a couple of squirts of detergent to 4 litres of warm or hot water, apply the soap solution on a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface then rinse with clear water. Make sure to clean the frame before you wash the glass so you won’t get the clean doors or windows wet and smeary again. Best tip is to start at the top of the frame and work down.

Clean the inside of a vinyl frame

At the time you’re done cleaning the tracks, wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive scouring pads, abrasive cleaners and sandpaper in an attempt to shine or buff the vinyl frame or to remove marks as it will damage the vinyl frame.

Clean the glass, inside and out

Any other window cleaner will be fine but avoid getting the cleaner on the window frames because the ingredients in some glass cleaners will damage the frame materials especially wood frames then vacuum both sides with a brush attachment.

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