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In the 20 years we have been in business here at Superglide, fashions and styles may have changed, but the need for the effective use of space in the bedroom has remained constant and consistent. The longer we’ve been in business the more we have learnt how virtually anything can be achieved when you have sliding wardrobe doors as the mainstay of your products.

The beauty of creating made-to-measure and personalised bedroom storage units is that they take into account the fact that everybody has different needs. While this will make no difference to the size and style of sliding bedroom doors you choose, it can and will make a tremendous difference to the actual storage units you have built in behind them. Perhaps you want more shelving space and less hanging space, and if you are a couple it is always nice to be able to keep your clothes separately. Therefore, you may want 90% of the space for women’s clothing and 10% if he’s lucky for the man’s clothing!

Maybe you don’t want a dressing table cluttered with make-up, hair straighteners and brushes to be the focal point of the room and this can be so easily avoided by building in a dresser that will be discreetly hidden for no one to see behind sliding wardrobe doors. To be able to use one wall of your bedroom for an all-in-one storage solution automatically looks less cluttered than having individual wardrobes, chests of drawers and a dressing table. This then allows you to turn the bed and bedside tables into the stars of the room.

With the fantastic range of finishes we have available for sliding wardrobe doors it is very easy to choose one that will set the tone for the whole room. If your bedroom is particularly small, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors are a great way of creating the illusion of extra space, as well as helping to reflect light in order to make the room feel airier. Natural wood finishes always tend to provide warm and relaxing colours, while a high-gloss finish can look great in an ultra-modern bedroom.

You may prefer more muted colours to create that much-needed relaxing environment, or you may be a lover of vibrant colours, even in the bedroom. The choice is virtually limitless.

While obviously the finish of the sliding wardrobe doors is of critical importance, what we recommend you do first before choosing a finish is establish how much storage space you actually want and then work out which wall in your bedroom is going to be best for locating the made-to-measure unit. Once you know where it is going to be located, then work out where you will site the bed. Once you have established these two things you can then imagine what a full run of sliding wardrobe doors with a particular finish will look like. Initially you may have thought of something vibrant but may reconsider your initial thoughts.

What we do recommend is that you contact us, let us know what your thoughts are, and here at Superglide we can come up with some visual images that may be able to help you make the right decision.

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Dave Collins
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