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A lot of people prefer to buy Christmas presents in advance in order to avoid the last-minute rush or miss out on the best deals. However, once you’ve bought them, how and where do you store them?

Storage solutions for Christmas presents

Of course, there are some obvious solutions: the garage, the loft, a friend’s house, or even paying for storage hire. But these can go wrong. What if your child finds their present while looking for their bike? Or imagine trying to manhandle a huge doll’s house up into the loft?

No one wants to pay for storage you only need once a year after you’ve already shelled out for Christmas presents, and not to mention the fact that dragging presents to and from a friend’s house is hardly ideal! But there is another much easier solution – your humble wardrobe.

Sliding door wardrobes for storing Christmas presents

At SuperGlide, you can choose from a variety of sliding door wardrobes, wardrobe accessories and hinged-door wardrobes for installation in your bedroom or spare room. They all come in a wide range of intricate designs and colours, and you can also select your preferred style from our excellent selection.

Depending on how big or small your presents are, we’ve got you covered with sliding door wardrobes. But why not just hide them in the kitchen cupboard or behind your clothes? Here’s why!

Quick and silent access

You can slide the doors open and shut effortlessly thus enabling you to select or stash whatever you need in a rush and by hardly making a noise. This is great for those who want to hide their presents stealthily.

They can be accessorised

Worried about curious children? It’s easy to have a lock installed on the wardrobe door. If you have kids, placing the lock higher is a great deterrent. Once you place your gifts in here, it’ll be like hiding them in plain sight. Also, if you install a drawer box or an interior column of shelves, you can easily secrete small presents.

Saves on space

Hiding presents for the family can take up a lot of room, but our wardrobes fit flush along the wall and fit from floor to ceiling, meaning you can maximise all available floor space, which is perfect for hiding large boxes.

Our Superglide sliding door wardrobes aren’t just great for hiding your family’s Christmas presents, they offer smart solutions for storing all your clothing and more throughout the year. Call or book a visit with us today.

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