If you love clothes shopping, you know the pain of trying to fit them into your wardrobes at home.

Regular wardrobes just aren’t up to the task of storing all your amazing outfits that you found while sales shopping.

If you’re finding that your wardrobes are bursting at the seams, it’s time to think about investing in sliding wardrobe doors.

They can give you all the space you’ll ever need, and here’s why.

They’ll fit in any space

Regular wardrobes have to be planted in the spaces that fit them, but with sliding wardrobe doors it’s the other way around.

If you have awkward or odd sized spaces in your bedroom, then they can turn that space into a custom wardrobe just for you.

You can use the space in your bedroom to your best advantage, meaning there’s much more room for getting ready for big nights out.

Use them to create storage space that fits around you and your needs

Regular wardrobes just can’t cut it when it comes to the true fashionista’s storage needs. Having a fitted wardrobe installed means that you can create a wardrobe that suits you and your needs.

Do you need a section that’s dedicated to your shoes? Maybe you need somewhere to store all of your gorgeous dresses correctly.

The fitters will work with you to create something that’s just for you.

Can be used in every bedroom

Why limit sliding wardrobe doors to just your bedroom? If there’s other bedrooms in the house, they’ll all feel the benefit of having them installed.

They’re especially great for kids, as they’re super durable. Even if your little monkeys hang off them, they’ll still work! They’ll stand the test of time and grow with your kids.

Will fit in with your other furniture and decor

One worry with sliding wardrobe doors is that they won’t match anything else in your bedroom. In fact, that isn’t the case at all.

You can have them made in a huge variety of colours and styles, so there will be a combination that works for you.

Plus, if you fancy doing a whole bedroom refresh, you can have custom furniture like bedside tables made to match it!

Help reduce clutter

Here’s the best reason to get fitted wardrobes – because they offer more storage than regular wardrobes, they can drastically reduce the clutter in your room.

Anyone who’s ever tried to fit all their scarves or shoes into a normal wardrobe will know that it usually just isn’t possible.

Now, everything you own will have it’s own special place in your wardrobe. No more tearing through piles of clothes just to find that one top that you wanted to wear!

Have you decided it’s time to get sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom? Call on us here at Super Glide Wardrobes. This family owned business can create a wardrobe for you with the space you have, and at a good price, too.

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