Sliding wardrobe doors aren’t just for bedrooms

You only have to see one word to automatically pigeon-hole the location you would expect to find an item of furniture and, as a result, when you mention sliding wardrobe doors, it is very easy to think about bedrooms and nothing else besides. Perhaps we ought to consider calling them something different like sliding storage doors or sliding cupboard doors, but then that doesn’t quite convey the full range of sizes that we can create for you here at Super Glide.

So why don’t we begin in the hallway. Traditionally this is one of the areas in any home that gathers clutter and almost creates an eyesore the moment you walk in the front door.

Now your immediate reaction might be that your hallway isn’t large enough to cope with a substantial wardrobe, but don’t forget that you can hang coats sideways or simply put them on pegs, which means that you don’t have to comply with a more standard 24-inch-deep unit behind the sliding doors as 12-14-inch units are invariably plenty deep enough to take walking boots, wellington boots and a whole host of other items.

With a hanging rail and shelf above, a shelved unit to one side and a few extra storage boxes hidden behind beautiful sliding wardrobe doors and all of a sudden your hallway can be transformed to give you a warm welcome home every time you come in the front door.

How about the study? Now here many of you may be thinking you don’t have a study, but that is the whole point.

If you have a separate dining room or spare bedroom, that room can still remain fit for purpose, but you can very easily have us build a unit with a desk, drawers and storage shelves, then hide it all behind some stylish sliding doors so that when you want to have a dinner party or a guest to stay overnight, you don’t have to scurry around rearranging all the furniture and putting everything away.

Here at Super Glide, we are all for an easy and practical life.

Then there is the kitchen. Now if you are more of an innovative thinker than a traditionalist, you will realise that you can cram an awful lot more into floor-to-ceiling shelved units than a range of narrower 50 cm-wide cupboards. It is very easy to design a bespoke unit that can meet exactly with your needs, allowing room for an ironing board, brooms, and other various tall items, along with perhaps a secret wine rack and shelves crammed with items that you use occasionally rather than on a day-to-day basis. Hide the unit behind some sliding wardrobe doors with easy-wipe surfaces and once you have got used to the ides, we are fairly confident you will wonder why more people don’t fit units like this in their kitchen as well.

If you supply the measurements, we can create a design and provide you with an extremely wide range of different fronts for sliding wardrobe doors that can easily complement your existing décor, as well as any storage solutions that will be in the unit behind them. To find out more about what we can do for you here at Super Glide, just pick up the phone or drop us an email and we will be delighted to help you find a great alternative solution to your storage problems.

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