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Think about your bedroom, as it looks right now. There’s probably some clothes strewn around, a laptop on the bed and general chaos everywhere. For a bedroom, it probably isn’t all that relaxing.

If you’re finding it difficult to drop off at night, you’re in the right place.

Here are five top tips that will help you revamp your bedroom and create the most relaxing space imaginable.

Soon, you’ll wonder how you ever got any sleep at all!

  1. Buy blackout curtains or blinds

To sleep, most people need absolute darkness. Any chink of light making its way into the room can jeopardize your chance at eight hours rest.

Luckily, the answer is simple.

Have blackout curtains or blinds made for your bedroom windows. They’re more inexpensive than you think and they’ll keep all light out of your room until you say so.

  1. Keep the electronics out

How often have you said ‘I’m going to sleep now’, but then spent an hour or more scrolling through your phone?

It’s something nearly everybody has done, but it’s damaging your sleep patterns. Phones, like computer screens and TVs, emit a blue light.

This light disrupts your sleep patterns, making it harder to sleep. Kick all of the electronics out of your bedroom, and you’ll feel better for it.

  1. Avoid the clutter with sliding wardrobe doors

Bedrooms are a magnet for clutter. Once you’ve dug out the right clothes and shoes for the day, you’ve probably got a room full of stuff and not enough time to put it back.

If you have a large collection of shoes or handbags, they’re probably taking over. Tame the clutter with sliding wardrobe doors.

They make a storage space with any available space you have, so not an inch is wasted. You’ll never trip over a shoe again on your way out of the room.

  1. Keep your bedroom for sleep only

There’s plenty of people who will admit to doing everything in their bedroom. Eating, working, watching TV, it’s all been done.

However, your brain won’t make the connection that your bedroom = sleep when you walk in the room. Keep all other activities to other areas of the house.

  1. Keep the kids out (if you can)

Speaking of relaxation, if you want your bedroom to be soothing it needs to be a space for you and you alone. That means your kids need to stay out, if at all possible.

Declaring this small corner of the house as adults only means that you’re reclaiming it for yourself. Clear away and clutter, light a candle and relax in a space that’s all your own.

If you want some help making your bedroom more relaxing, call on Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors.

We’ve been a family business for 20 years, and no one knows how to get the most out of a fitted wardrobe than us. Get in touch for a quote, and we’ll get your bedroom looking amazing.


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