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What you need to Know about Sliding Wardrobe Door Gear

Whether you’re building your own wardrobe, purchasing a new one or repairing the one you already have installed, it never hurts to know what’s what when it comes to the gear required, for creating or maintaining your wardrobe sliding doors. You will then be able to have exactly the type of wardrobe that you want, to your tastes, without having to wait around for other people’s opinions or labour.

Rails to hang clothes

A wardrobe is designed to save space – storing your items so that they look nice and tidy.
If your wardrobe is particularly deep, you can install a traditional curtain rail to allow your clothes to hang on the line. If your wardrobe is 3 metres wide, that’s 3 metres worth of clothing rail, think about how much clothing you will be able to store.

Sliding doors

If you end up choosing sliding wardrobe doors, then these will have the added benefit of allowing your wardrobe to be fitted in to a tighter space. However, as with certain wardrobe door gear, there can be a downside to using one for some.

The sliding wardrobe door track can be an inconvenient piece of equipment, but its space saving value far outweighs this. Its function of removing the need to swing open a door allows you to leave certain parts of your room with lots of space permanently.

Getting a handle of it all

If you do decide upon a simple door handle for your wardrobe, then that’s where the fun really begins. One must consider whether they would like to paint their handle to match the room, and if so it is very important to consider the type of metal you use when choosing your wardrobe door gear.

A simple copper door handle is usually the cheapest option. However, in terms of quality of goods, it may not be the best option, as the acidic effect of your paint will cause damage, likely costing you in more money in the long run.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an ideal metal and unless you fancy being truly lavish with silver, it allows your wardrobe door gear to be flexible. In terms of colouring and it is also strong and durable in terms of use.

From accidental knocks to unruly children (or adults) playing with your wardrobe door gear, it is always good to know that your choice of equipment has the strength to last you as long as the wardrobe itself lasts.

Traditional tailoring

Some of us like a tailor made wardrobe. These tend to be wooden in their entirety, aside from certain wardrobe door gear that will be needed, such as the fixings, screws and bolts. The cost of such wardrobes tends to be high, though the aesthetic beauty of such a furniture piece will sway many who have the money to spend.

It is important to remember that your wardrobe sliding doors may not be just a one-time spend. The time may come when you will need to make extra investments to keep them up to date, replacing any broken wooden instruments or greasing, painting and generally maintaining them.

For the true master craftsman who makes wardrobes, there is a great deal more to know about sliding wardrobe doors and wardrobe door gear particularly. But hopefully this guide has helped open your eyes to just some of the things you will need to take into consideration when it is time to make the decision about what to do next.

Here at Superglide, that is exactly what we are, master craftsmen, and we will design, build and install a solution that you will proudly show off, as well as lasting a lifetime.

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