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Using Your Mirrored Door To Take The Perfect Selfie

Lady preparing to go out.

“Young woman trying on a pink blouse, looking at cupboard mirror (rear view).”

We live in a world of selfies and photographic documentation for every aspect of our lives. People can spend hours a day trying to get the perfect selfie to post their #ootd or #photooftheday

Having a full length mirrored door, like those available from Superglide Wardrobes, are ideal for getting that perfect shot capturing your cute outfit or your new haircut.

When taking the perfect selfie you need to make sure that the lighting is right so that you don’t look washed out. Natural light is better than artificial light but if you are capturing that moment before you go out for the evening, it may be dark. Try to avoid fluorescent lights in this case as they make your skin look dull.

One of the reasons many innocent selfies go viral on the internet is that there is something incriminating in the background so before taking a full-length mirror selfie tidy the room up – or at least anything in the background which is reflected in the mirror.

Then the fun starts.

Practice your pose and move around to see what is the best lighting and angle for you. Try taking a little step forward and pointing your toes as this will make your legs look longer and always remember, shoulders back.

When taking the picture look at the camera rather than in the mirror as it makes the whole image look more natural.

Even if you don’t want a full-length picture you can always crop out the bits you don’t need – but it’s better to have a full-length picture you can cut rather than only a headshot.

If you would like to speak to someone about getting mirrored sliding doors on your fitted wardrobe, why not give the team at Superglide Wardrobes a ring and we’ll help you get the perfect selfie mirror.