The holiday bash will always end up in the kitchen – so prepare proper storage

No matter where you set up the tree, the mistletoe, the gifts or the punch, your holiday guests are bound to congregate in the kitchen.  Which is why kitchens are now becoming, as The Daily Mail describes them “multifunctional rooms” which entail a kitchen/dining room/ family room hybrid.  As your kitchen gradually transforms into a multifunctional space you will need to install a lot of new fangled storage.  That’s why we at Superglide custom manufacture sliding wardrobe doors for any size and lay out that’s ever been conceived for a kitchen/ dining room / family room space.

We’ve been manufacturing handmade, custom doors that have opened customers’ eyes to the amount of space they actually have by dreaming up creative, utilitarian uses for that space.   Our family has been working in Wiltshire for twenty-five years now, designing, building and installing made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors as well as fitted kitchen furniture.   Our wide array of colours, textures and styles are bound to match the look you’ve already started in your “kitcheney” space.

Maybe you want to insert storage between your appliances and what was called your family room?  Or between your breakfast counter and what was your dining room?  We offer both sliding doors and hinged doors; steel framed, with a generous selection of laminate finishes.  You can chose from: oak, walnut, beech, maple, pear, or an eclectic mix of multiple finishes.  Our design styles include Cotswold, Millennium, Oriental  – and any hybrid style you can dream up.

Our professional and highly talented designer-builders can create cabinets to fit your taste, your space and attention span for cooking and penchant for entertaining.  We also build solid wood cabinet doors and hand paint our furniture, customising it to envelop the appliances and accessories (all leading brands) you already have in your kitchen. Our technicians can help you figure out ways to keep all those multi-use utensils out of sight by making the most efficient use of your multi use spaces.

If you can store an extra counter inside a pantry when the time comes to preparing multiple dishes they’ll be easier to keep track of when you have spacial and visual separation.  This really comes in handy when you’re rushing through your five course holiday dinner for twelve.  The kitchen surfaces may be completely covered in salads and sides you’re still mixing, while the butcher block counter in the pantry can be neatly storing all the sauces and garnishes that are ready to serve.  If utensils, pots and pans, boxes of food and recipe pages are strewn across all surfaces you’ll never get the meal on the table before it cools. There’s a lot of juggling to do when you’re hosting the holiday, so let us do some of it for you.

As a family run business with a diversity of cooks and hosts, we invite you to visit our show room in Coleshill where we will graciously host an informative visit.  So prepare for a stress free holiday – ring David today.

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Dave Collins
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