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Why is it sometimes so hard to figure out what to wear?

You can’t locate your favourite blue scarf and are disgruntled to find your new cream cashmere cardigan in a crumpled heap. If only you had more space, or a wonderfully organised closet with adequate storage.

What you need is a well-designed wardrobe, a functional space with stylish sliding wardrobe doors.

First things first, tackle the contents of your current wardrobe – out with the old!

Think about the way you live your life

Think about your average day, do you work more hours than you care to count, if so ample work-wear is essential.

Consider your free time – casual wear can be overlooked, make sure it’s comfortable and fit for purpose.

If you have tons of party attire but revelry features less on your calendar nowadays, then this selection can be pared down.

Time to declutter

Empty your wardrobe, take every single thing out and lay it on your bed so that you can see your items.

Time-consuming? Maybe, but why invest in effective storage just to open those swanky new sliding wardrobe doors and chuck all the tat back in?

Get four bags and label them “save, give, bin and try on. Then take each item and decide its fate, the golden rule is“ you MUST bag it!

Bin or recycle the clothes that are tat

If it’s got a hole, you could sew it, but let’s be honest – unless you love the garment you probably never will.

Say goodbye to anything that’s past its best (faded, stretched, frayed etc.) and use it for a duster or bag it to rag recycle.

Try on the clothes you are unsure about

When you have acquired your stylish new storage complete with sliding wardrobe doors, you don’t want to struggle to close them due to 50 pairs of “I might wear these one day” shoes spilling out of the bottom.

Try things on, look in the mirror, get advice. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in a year, then you don’t need it.

Love the clothes you keep

So, you are left with clothes you love, great – now wash, iron and neatly hang or stack them. Storage is key here in keeping things smart and neat.

A stylish closet with clever storage solutions and smart sliding wardrobe doors will give you a classy habitat for your new capsule collection.

Make to measure sliding wardrobe doors to house the clothes you love

Here at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we offer a comprehensive and high-quality service.

Our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors are crafted in our very own workshop in The Cotswolds. You can choose from a wide selection of finishes including oak, walnut and beech to complement the style of your bedroom.

Let us provide the perfect way to house your new and superbly organised clothing collection.

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Dave Collins