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As more and more people work from home, more families are being exposed to multi-tasking on all fronts. Multi-tasking on the job, multi-tasking between jobs, multi-tasking in communication modes, multi-tasking in space usage. It’s truly the buzzword of the era. A very common scene for today’s kids is the sight of a parent talking to client or tweaking a budget while chopping a carrot or checking on a roast.

That’s why it makes sense to incorporate a home office into your kitchen or kitchen-family room. This requires allocating a sliver of space for work. And the smaller the space the more efficiently it must be structured and organised. We at Super Glide manufacture custom sliding wardrobe doors for any size and style kitchen. Our family is not much different than yours, that’s why we’ve been helping people multi-task through our store in Wiltshire for twenty-five years now.

Our made-to-measure range of fitted furniture comes in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles, so we are equipped to match the look you’ve already created in your kitchen, and the tasks you’re accustomed to juggling as you go about your daily multi-tasking. The type of work you do and the style of cooking you prefer will determine where you will position your new kitchen office, and which size and shape shelving you will choose.

If you’re not sure which style and lay-out would best suit your needs, we’d be happy to help you design your new multi-tasking facility. First you should take a good look at how our product is manufactured and how it functions.

We offer both sliding doors and hinged doors; steel framed with a generous array of laminate finishes. In love with oak? Wild about walnut? Feel brighter with beech? Milder with maple? Prefer porous pear? We can build with all those finishes, and if you find it hard to decide you can choose an eclectic mix of multiple finishes. We manufacture cabinets to fit your taste, amount of space and lifestyle.

We also build solid wood cabinet doors and hand paint our furniture to fit around almost any manufacturers appliances and accessories. Our design styles include Cotswold, Millennium, Oriental and any hybrid style that satisfies your multi-tasking, diversely styled family!  With all your family members’ busy schedules, you may not have time to all go out shopping for your new storage solution together.

That’s why we offer an on-line ordering service. Just enter the measurements of your space, your preference of type and style, and we will send you a quote.  If your family enjoys shopping together and needs to physically see, touch and try out our cabinets you can visit our show room in Coleshill where you can make your decision democratically and without guesswork. Our family staff has probably needed to solve many of the same problems you’re experiencing, so we would be happy to offer advice and forge compromise between family members with conflicting priorities and tastes.

Our products are so diverse that we can safely promise to offer something for everyone in your family. Once you’ve designed your multi function, aesthetic statement of a kitchen office, our Superglide team will deliver it free of charge.  No add-ons and your satisfaction guaranteed. We’ve been servicing families like yours for twenty years in Old Carpenters Yard, Coleshill, Highworth, North Wiltshire and beyond. We have hand built probably every height and length wardrobe possible, and are quite creative about working with tucked away, awkwardly shaped, and hard to reach spaces. So for a durable and aesthetic solution to your multi-tasking needs ring David for an appointment today.

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Dave Collins