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Mirrors have their obvious functional purposes, but they can be used to create so much more. Are you getting the best use of the mirrors in your home? Or have you not given much thought to why you might hang them?

A mirror can throw light into the darker recesses of a room and create the illusion of a bigger, airier space. It makes sense therefore to hang a mirror opposite a window to bounce back natural light and any outside greenery.

A great bonus for a smaller room. If the window is south-facing, all the better – more hours of sunlight streaming in during the day. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create.

In the bedroom, you can position a mirror adjacent to a window so that it reflects the sunlight. What could be more uplifting first thing in the morning?

Mirrors can also add texture. Either mounted on the wall in a textured frame, adding a three-dimensional level to the wall, or positioned so that it reflects statement items in the room. An antique coffee table or sideboard, for instance, or a vase sporting a beautiful flower arrangement.

Where and how you hang a mirror will depend on its weight. If it’s too heavy to hang, an ornate mirror can look stunning simply propped at an angle on the floor. Don’t hang it with a cable wire on a single hook as you would a picture frame, but on hooks corresponding to each “D” hook on the back of the mirror.

On the wall, consider hanging high on the wall at a tilt, downwards, so that you reflect more of the room.

As for specific rooms, hang your mirror at least 4 inches above a fireside mantel in a lounge. Higher if it’s in a thick frame that could cast a dark shadow on your decor.

In the bathroom, some mirrors are mounted with adhesive. Consider hiring a handyman to add a frame around it.

Dramatic mirrors are a firm favourite hung in the dining room. A larger piece can increase the atmosphere in the room by giving the illusion of more guests!

Generally, on the back of a door, ensure the construction of the door is strong enough to hold a full-length mirror.

Mirrors can also be incorporated in your wardrobe doors. That’s our specialism. We’re a sliding door wardrobe company with mirrored panel designs we’re sure you’ll love to incorporate in your new lighter, airier, spacious home.

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