When’s the last time you actually saw your entire bedroom all at once?  If it’s been a while since you’ve actually laid eyes on your total square footage you should really consider sliding wardrobe doors.  As the Sunday Times explains, they really enable you to make the most of any size bedroom.  For one, they allow you to utilise the entire height of the room for storage.

So all that extra luggage, off season bedding and rarely worn clothing can be shelved just a couple of centimetres from the ceiling.   And oh, those awkward corners and crevices ­– most of the time they are completely wasted space.

But with sliding wardrobe doors separating them from the exposed portion of the bedroom you can store more unsightly objects in them but still have them within reach.  Easy on the eyes when you come home after a hard days work, and easy on the arm muscles which have to reach up, out or down to grab stored items.

We at Superglide have been figuring out how to make the most of all size bedrooms for over three decades now, and we’re still coming up with new versions of our sliding wardrobe door styles and textures!  Our highly trained designer-installers understand how critical it is to structure and design bedrooms and home offices efficiently and aesthetically, so they are highly functional without being distracting. All the boxes, cabinets, bin sets and shelving options on the market can make choosing a storage system confusing and expensive.

We suggest installing durable steel frame sliding doors against one end of the room.   If you find it difficult to make decisions, or you have little time to search for the perfect width and height you can always rely on the long-honed experience of our engineer-consultants. Save yourself time, hassle and money by ordering custom-made steel frame ceiling suspended sliding doors from us.

You’ll be opening and closing them quite often, so you need durable materials and design.  We’ve got it.  All we need from you are the measurements of the space you’ve allocated for storage and your choice of finish and style.

If you already have a wooden night table or chair set of matte finish you might want walnut or oak laminate doors to maintain continuity and avoid a visually jarring atmosphere in your relaxation hub.  If you don’t have any furniture in your bedroom yet, you can purchase a set to match your new sliding doors in our expansive showroom in Wiltshire.

Once you’ve measured the space, chosen the frame, finish and design you can sit back and wait a couple of weeks for us to deliver them free of charge!  Then try them out and let us know what you think. At Superglide you will never find a set of doors that squeak or stick.   Our family has been using Superglide doors in our bedrooms for twenty-five years, and we are sticklers for quality.   If you’re ready to transform your bedroom into an elegant, peaceful haven give us a call.

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