Are you tired of trying to inch around your bed without knocking the lamp of the bedside table? Annoyed by banging your elbow on the half open wardrobe door?

Sounds like you are suffering from having a small bedroom and too much stuff. Do not fret, with a little thought and effort you can transform your bedroom into a spatial oasis.


Say goodbye to tech

TV, laptop, iPad, mobile phones – do we really need all of them in our bedroom? They cause light and noise pollution and take up valuable space.

Clearing out the tech, frees up space and helps create a more inspiring and restful place to sleep. After all, there are more interesting things to do in bed than watch the News at 10 or await the next ping from Facebook!


Say hello to the right furniture

Feeling hemmed in? There may be too much furniture, or perhaps what you do have maybe doesn’t complement the space. Large armoires may look divine in the antique showroom, but in your bijou bedroom they can take-over.

Think clean lines, straight edges and pared down scale. Flush furniture (such as closets with sliding wardrobe doors) take up less space and create a roomier feel.


Say goodbye to dust and dirt

There are real benefits associated with a deep clean. Wipe away the dust from the top of the chest of drawers and tackle the hidden grime.

Wiping light fittings and window sills doesn’t take long, but can help to filter light in more effectively; brightening the space and making it feel airier.
Say hello to clever storage

Do scarves have a tendency to trail from door handles? Bags adorn the end of the bed? Clutter takes up valuable space.

Your clothing and other items do not fit into little neat rows, but by tidying things away and utilising multi-functional storage, your bedroom will be a much nicer place to be in.


Say goodbye to gloom 

Curtains and blinds can add a cosy feel to a room and facilitate privacy. But, if your bedroom is small or doesn’t enjoy lots of natural light, heavy window dressing could be worsening the effect.

If you feel you must have something to shut out the light, consider lighter curtains, voiles or contemporary blinds.


Say hello to space-saving sliding wardrobe doors from a reputable family run business   

Here at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we offer a high-quality and complete service, crafting made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors in line with your precise needs.

We understand the importance of maximising the space available in your bedroom and tailor every one of our sliding wardrobe doors to your exacting measurements.

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