The Sliding Wardrobe Door Specialists

Whether you have to attend a wedding or an all-important job interview, you need to ensure that you look your absolute best. Nothing says professionalism like a suit, it never fails to set the right impression. You never know when an important event will pop up or when a fantastic job opportunity may arise.

Presentation and preparation are everything, so it’s vital that your suit is ready for use.

Beyond ensuring that your suits are well pressed, dry cleaned and ready, what else can be done to ensure that when you pull on that suit you look your absolute best? It’s very easy for a suit to get crumpled and out of shape in a wardrobe, but our super glide wardrobe ranges are designed to ensure your clothes always maintain their shape.

This means your suit looks as well pressed and prepared as it was when you first purchased it.

Hanging your suits on our internal hanging package and then gently sliding those doors closed, will ensure that your suits don’t get squashed or bunched up with the other clothes hanging inside.

We have a wide range of different storage options for your wardrobe, allowing you to find a solution for different clothing that you might not need to hang up, allowing you more room for hanging garments. This means that your suits would have plenty of room inside, where they wouldn’t be squashed and crumpled.

Our wardrobes, all produced in our manufacturing centre in the Cotswolds, have been produced for hotels, homeowners and builders across the UK. Superglide pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers, our excellent craftsmanship and engineering excellence. We do all of this for an affordable price.

At Superglide, we make sure that convenience and excellence can go hand in hand, which is why most purchases can be completed online. If you’re interested, why not contact us today and see what we can do for you!