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When you have young children at home, you have to remember to keep anything that can be broken, swallowed or lost out of harm’s way.

This goes double for make-up and jewellery which could be toxic or valuable.

Gone are the days where you can have them laid out on the dressing table – at least until your toddlers are a little bit older.

Imagine the damage that could be caused by a lipstick in the hands of your young child – they may eat it or draw with it causing a great deal of mess and worry.

Add to that the frustration of searching for an hour for a missing earring, only to discover your child has taken it to turn Cap’n Teddy into a pirate.

It is best to, therefore, keep jewellery and make-up safe from little fingers. And the best way to do this is to have them just out of reach – of them, not you.

The best option is to keep jewellery and make-up in drawers at above child head height or to keep them in decorative boxes on a shelving unit within the wardrobe.

Here at Superglide Wardrobes, there is a selection of internal fittings which include a column shelf unit – either single or double – which can include any number of drawers at any height.

Obviously, the shelves or drawers near the bottom at small-child height, should not have anything in them that would not be safe for them to find, but items like jewellery and make-up could be placed on the higher shelves or in drawers.

If you would like to discuss investing in new, toddler-proof wardrobe units why not give the team at Superglide Wardrobes a call and see how we can help you.

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Dave Collins