Come on ladies – you’ve all done it. Bought a beautiful pair of shoes, a little too high, which are only suitable for very special events and are kept in the box. Because you don’t see them, you rarely wear them. What a waste of a pair of shoes which are, in fact, a thing of beauty.

If those bad boys were easier to reach, you would wear them more often, right?

Easy Access

The best way to display them is in a shoe rack, or on a column of shelves, which fit into your wardrobe. Then you are able to see all of your beautiful shoes at a glance.

However, this open display will not be suitable for all shoes, especially suede, and other methods of easy access storage should be explored.

Special Cases

Suede shoes attract dust if not in a box. They should not be placed into plastic boxes or bags, as suede – and leather – need to breathe

Therefore they should be stored in fabric dust bags or within the original cardboard boxes.

Once you have worn suede or leather shoes a few times the material starts to soften and can change shape. To extend their life, when in storage either use shoe trees to maintain the shape or pack the shoe with newspaper.

Stiletto Heel Maintenance

The most irritating damage to stilettos is when the base of the heel gets scuffed through walking through grass or other soft surfaces.

Removable heel caps could be the answer if you know you are going somewhere likely to have grass or mud. These little clear caps slip right over the heel and have a wide base preventing them from slipping into the ground. They are small so they can be removed and slipped into your perfectly matching handbag once you are on terra firma.

Some shoes, like Irregular Choice, have beautifully decorated or coloured souls and it is heart-breaking to wear them away. But they are too beautiful not to wear.

Protect the soles by using removable sole protectors. They can be either transparent or coloured to match the shoes and are attached directly to the soles.

Shoe Care 101

The most important advice to protecting your high heels is to never put them away wet. Always allow them to dry, and if they need a clean then it is best to do that before you put them away rather than storing them with mud and scuffs on them.

The best storage, as mentioned above is a custom shoe rack where each pair has a place or a shelf within a cupboard space.

As long as shoes are stored somewhere dry and dark they should serve you for a long time giving your things of beauty many happy wearing hours.

Check out our range and see how our wardrobes can help you keep your high heels at their best.

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