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For interiors, grey neutrals are set to stay in 2018. Though colours will be bolder on walls and furniture. We’re seeing that in the new ranges of sofas upholstered in the rich colours of violet, navy and emerald green. All key colours that will come to the fore in 2018.

Ther’s a feeling that retro is on the return too. Furniture is looking to darker wood instead of the pale, bleached Scandinavian varieties we’ve become accustomed to. Walnut dark-stained to reveal the beautiful, rich grain makes a great choice for table and chair sets in the dining room. Again the retro influence will be there in wishbone-style dining chairs.

Other darkwood furniture pieces in this spring and summer’s collections will feature metal handles and legs. Rose gold and copper is giving way to brass, considered the more sophisticated of the metallic finishes. Brass will also be the choice for mirror and picture frames.

Textures will be the big theme of 2018. And in soft furnishings and wall hangings, combinations of different textures in macrame, Indian Ikat prints and applique. Natural handmade feel furniture in rattan and wicker.

In this the era of travel, our interiors are very much influenced by the exotic. Look for sumptuous throws, bed linen, cushions and pillows with Rajasthani designs in muted colours of ochre, terracotta and clay.

Emerald green is about to surface, especially in the bathroom. Mixed with shades of green, the lush look is in. The retro will be evident again with Swiss cheese plants interspersed among the palm leaves. Everything – shower curtains, curtains, bath mats – in floral and tropical prints. The pineapple motif is set to take over from the cactus.

The look of 2018 will also be about combining textures and finishes. Pick out fusions of walnut, gold, brass, black and marble for smaller accessories like plant pots and vases. Brass and marble looks opulent, but you can acquire it in inexpensive lampstands.

Marble is in fact very popular and in vogue. In particular, people are seeking out green marble. And not just for lamps. They want marble effect too in bed linen and wallpaper.

Finally, if you want to get well ahead of yourself, always know that trends in interiors follow those in fashion. The next big thing is fringing!

And if you’re looking for evergreen stylish storage facilities with sliding wardrobe doors in your new interior fit-out, look no further than Superglide designs.

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