If you’re not a fan of cluttering up your bedroom with towering piles of clothes, then this is the post for you. Discover 10 ideas for storing and organising your wardrobe in a way that will make your life easier.

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10 Top Tips for Wardrobe Organisation

1. Start with some decluttering

Pile your stuff in the following categories: Keep, Sell, Donate, and Throw Away. For the Keep pile, identify whether the items are appropriate for the season or not. You can then place the latter in vacuum-sealed bags or other appropriate bags and store them on the top shelf or bottom part of your wardrobe.

2. Categorise your clothes

There are numerous ways to organise clothing. To make it feel less overwhelming, try organising them by categories. Group them by their general type first (tops, trousers, skirts, dresses, and so on), and work your way from there.

For a visual treat every time you open your wardrobe, group your clothes by their colours. You can even hang them based on the order that they appear in the rainbow. Another option is to organise them in terms of dress codes (such as casual, formal, and smart casual).

When it comes to coats and jackets, you can arrange them by length. The same thing goes for your skirts. Meanwhile, for tops, you can group them by their sleeve length.

3. Choose when to hang, fold, or roll

Unless you have a really big wardrobe, you won’t be able to hang all your clothes. And even if you do have that much space for hanging garments, some types of clothes just aren’t made to be partners for hangers. For instance, your chunky sweaters would look much nicer when folded and stacked on top of each other. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, this also helps you save wardrobe space.

Other types of clothing that you can fold are gym wear, shorts, and shirts. If you prefer to place them inside drawers or storage boxes instead of shelves, you can try filing them vertically. This way, you’ll have an easier time viewing what’s inside your drawer, making it more convenient for you to pick what to wear. Meanwhile, you can roll clothes like socks, undies, and ties.

4. Maximise your wardrobe space

Ensure that you’re making the most of your wardrobe space. If your wardrobe only has one clothing rod and there’s still some space underneath, you can add a second rod.

You can also utilise various types of clothing storage. Storage units and baskets come in different sizes and styles. You can get a set of clothing organisers that matches the theme of your room and wardrobe. For a chic look, pick units with an open-front style, which will let you easily reach in and take the items you need. If you prefer one with a lid or cover, try boxes with clear windows, so you can conveniently see what’s inside. You can also opt to add labels for more convenience.

5. Store items by how you frequently use them

Be strategic in how you store your items. Put stuff you frequently use at eye level, so it’s easier to get them when needed. Meanwhile, items that are less used can be put on the top shelf.

Design your wardrobe space in such a way that it works for your needs. For instance, you can organise your clothes in the order that you wear them. Undies should be in the most accessible drawer or storage unit, followed by tops, bottoms, and your shoes.

6 . Make use of vertical storage

When it comes to taking advantage of vertical space, stackable containers are your best friend. Hooks and hanging wardrobe organisers also come in handy for maximising an empty wall or wardrobe space.

Rotating wardrobe organisers that you can hang from a wall are great for storing purses, hats, or small towels. Or get creative, and turn a rotating spice rack organiser into storage for your perfume collection. Multifunctional pieces are key for making your wardrobe organisation more efficient.

7. Get some quality hangers

Hangers not only prevent wrinkles in clothes, but they also add a visual impact to your wardrobe. Get quality hangers in your favourite colour to liven up your wardrobe space. Choose wooden hangers for a classy feel or velvet ones that are non-slip. You can also pick space-saving types that let you fit several clothes in one hanger.

8. Opt for dividers

Designate zones in your wardrobe and make everything more organised by using dividers. Install dividers for your top shelf and drawers. Get clothing rack dividers with labels to make it easier for you to sort through your clothes. You can also DIY them for a more personalised touch.

9. Display your jewellery and accessories

Instead of hiding them away in boxes or drawers, you can choose tiered stands or hanging organisers that let you display your jewellery. Tired of having to untangle your pieces every time? Rotating holders and wall-mounted systems are also great picks for jewellery organisation.

Hang scarves using hooks or shower rings. Display your handbags on the top shelf. Use stands, wall-mounted shelves, or even picture frames for holding your sunglasses.

10. Store your shoes efficiently

Don’t trip on your shoe collection as you rifle through your wardrobe. Place a shoe shelf in your wardrobe instead of leaving your shoes on the floor. Install space-saving boot racks that maintain the shape of your shoes. You can also use hanging organisers or racks that you can mount on walls.

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