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Your ideal wardrobe may be great for adults – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work well for the younger members of the family. Children have their own particular needs, and there are different factors to consider when you’re picking a wardrobe for them. Here are some handy tips to ensure your kids’ wardrobe is just right:

1) Make space with shelves

Kids usually have lots of T-shirts and jumpers, and not a lot of formal clothes. That means you can make the most of the wardrobe space by inserting a column of shelves. Most kids’ clothes don’t need to be stored on hangers and are better off being folded and put on shelves. Be sure to keep some rail space, though. This is where school uniforms can be hung up, along with any outfits for special occasions.

2) Use sliding doors

In a kids’ room, floor space can be precious. If your children like to play all over the floor, you don’t want to have to clear all their toys away every time you want to open the wardrobe. With sliding doors, you’ll have easy wardrobe access without having to worry about extra floor space for the door to open.

3) Organise with storage solutions

Extra shelves, boxes and baskets are all handy additions to kids’ wardrobes. They provide spaces where you can store shoes – or, if you want your wardrobe to multitask as a storage space, non-clothing items such as toys and sports equipment.

4) Use drawers for unseasonal clothes

When the seasons change, pack away what you’d like to keep in drawers. That way, the unseasonal clothes won’t get in the way, but they’ll be ready and waiting in a convenient spot for next year. Some things will have to be given away if your children are going through a growth spurt, but a handy drawer unit will allow you to keep coats and jumpers that still fit for next year.

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Dave Collins