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When you live with kids, childproofing your home will become your second nature. It may not be an easy thing to do but it is best for our children and ultimately, best for you. Keeping them safe is your priority and even if it means you have to keep them safe from themselves, you have to do all things necessary.

Aside from keeping your kids safe, childproofing your wardrobes would also mean saving yourself from cleaning up broken glass and belongings, missing out a trip to the emergency room and leaving out the need to replace your damaged wardrobes with a new set.

Before we discuss some tips on how to childproof your wardrobes, we need to explore what childproofing is. It is a general term that characterises any action that makes something safe, or sometimes out of reach, for children.

Removing poisonous and caustic substances from low-level drawers or shelves, locking drawers with unsafe tools and devices, bolting down large appliances to prevent it from falling and placing soft edge and corner guards on furniture are just some examples of childproofing.

Living with kids can be tough There are a lot of dangerous scenarios that could happen. Your little ones could slide the doors open or close, creating a possibility that their hands or fingers would be pinched in the process.

Stop the kids from playing dress-up with a secure lock

When you browse online, you will see a variety of child safety locks for wardrobe doors. One sliding door lock made of strong plastic that can be adhered to the mirror. It does not need screws or drills. To lock your wardrobe, you only need to flip it to unlock and press down to relock.

Another option is to install a double-bolt lock that can provide more than 1000 pounds of forced entry load tension. It is easy to install and is virtually burglar-proof.

You can also choose a cabinet or refrigerator lock. It will also work with sliding doors. These locks can be attached to the latch and cranked to fit your sliding wardrobe doors.

To keep your little tots’ fingers from being pinched, you can place a dowel rod in the track that is fastened to the floor. Some wardrobes run on a track that is placed on the top and you can place the dowel rod there too.

To lock or secure your sliding wardrobe doors, just lay the dowel rod on the track so your little tots cannot open the doors no matter how hard they try. Just make sure that the dowel rod is trim according to the length of your wardrobe track.

Don’t forget to childproof the drawers inside your wardrobe too!

Just in case your child succeeds in opening your sliding doors, they should not be able to invade the next level of protection you have placed in your drawers.

To childproof your drawers, it is best to keep any items that may cause harm, make a lot of mess like make up or that are valuable up out of reach. Your next course of action would be to attach magnetic locks, tension rods, or safety locks on your drawers. Each safety device comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

After making sure that your mirrored sliding doors and drawers are childproofed, the next reasonable thing to do is take the next level of protection. If possible, try your best not to open drawers or sliding doors in front of them.

You can also try to distract them. To keep their attention away from the thought of opening your drawers and sliding doors, you can surround that area with soft plush toys. Your tots will surely give their attention to the toys!

Finally, you can talk to your children as they grow older. Let them understand that some areas in the house should be off-limits to them and you want to implement it to keep them safe and healthy. This will help them learn the importance of making boundaries and following household rules.

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