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Despite government efforts to stimulate the home buying market it appears “generation rent” is here to stay and growing monthly.  According to a article the sector will grow by 1.1 million in the next six years while The English Housing Survey found that private renting has been growing by a staggering 17,500 households per month on average over the last 10 years.

So if you’re a property owner who is or wants to become a landlord you should do everything possible to make your rental unit more desirable to prospective tenants.  First off, make it easy to clean and maintain.  A small investment can go a long way to insure the condition of your property for years to come. Make sure your floors and cabinets are made of easy-to-clean, stain-resistant materials, and plan the layout of the unit in a way that makes tidiness an organic choice.  One way to inspire tenants to be neat and organised is to install a unit with sliding wardrobe doors.   Not only will you create more space to store all their belongings in, you’ll create an aesthetically-designed bedroom in tune with the trend for streamlined spaces and cleared surfaces. They bring a great advantage over standard wardrobes.  Imagine the amount of additional space your tenants will have at their disposal when they slide those doors horizontally with one easy swoop!

Here at Superglide we’ve been helping landlords maintain their properties for twenty-five years.  Turning bedrooms into neat, stress-free sanctuaries is our business. These engineering wonders allow you to hide from view and organise the items that so often pile up with weight that could stain and scratch floors.  With stylish, customised consistency our diverse selection of frame and track colours make it easy to match whatever styles, patterns and colours you already have in your rental units.  Consistency of colour, tone and texture has been shown to soothe moods and inspire tidiness.  Our highly-trained consultants will help you make all these decisions, and even deliver your custom doors free of charge!  Our full-length panels lend a tone that inspires neatness.  Our selection of colours, styles and textures – mirrored panels, coloured glass panels, frosted glass panels, wood grain panels – is growing all the time.  We also produce frames that line your opening, and then build custom interiors that maximise storage on multiple levels.  You may also choose to purchase our matching bespoke bedroom furniture and bedside cabinets.  Our products are made to fit your measurements, colour schemes and storage strategies, and this can be delivered within three weeks of your order date.

“Generation rent” is growing and so can your profits.  A savvy landlord thinks ahead and invests today in those little extras that will pay off tenfold tomorrow.   Make your rental units storage friendly today – give us a call!

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