How are sliding wardrobe doors made?

Our sliding wardrobe doors are manufactured from rolled steel frames. These are very strong and robust to give our doors great stability. We use roller wheels on the tops and bottoms of the doors. The top roller wheels are NOT suspended in any way, these are simply a guide to show the doors where to travel whilst keeping them smooth and quiet.

The bottom roller wheels use a unique anti-jump device system so that these cannot fall or jump off their tracks. You need to disable the “anti jump” device if you ever want to remove the doors from their tracks. The glass that we use is 4mm, this glass meets all the UK regulations required for sliding wardrobe doors. They come with a safety backing fitted on the back to keep the doors safe and strong. The panel products we use at Superglide are manufactured from a 9mm laminate chipboard but the best supplier of panel products that we supply originate from Egger.

Can they be painted?

Yes, of course you can paint the sliding door panels but we do advise against painting the sliding doors steel framing. If customers want to go for this effect, then paint is best applied to Primed MDF panels. We can manufacture the doors in this way so they are ready for you to add your own colour. Give us a call on 01793 861584 or email to discuss ordering your primed doors.

What do I need to measure for a sliding wardrobe door?

First, you need to measure the width of the wall where you want your wardrobe to be.

Next, you need to measure the floor to ceiling height; you must do this in 3 different places to check for any differences in height.

Even if you have measured the space previously, it’s always a good idea to measure it again before you purchase your new wardrobe.

Some customers may be adding new doors into an existing frame. If that’s the case then, measure from the left to the right that all the doors will cover.

So, this could be the inside of the left frame to inside of the right frame. Then with the height you want to measure the space that the bottom track will mount onto, across to the surface the top track will mount onto.

From there our experienced team at Superglide will double check and calculate in all overlaps, wheels and track tolerances that need to be taken into account before we proceed with manufacturing the doors.

Which style do I need?

Well, what style do you like? Are you looking for a simple design, perhaps you’re looking to add mirrors to open up the room and give it a sense of space or simply let your wardrobes take centre stage in your room?

The style you choose totally depends on what your room is like and your personal preference.

We have a wide range of full-length and panelled sliding doors available that will suit any room, with a variety of materials and finishes. You can even mix and match panelled doors with bars and mix them with full length mirrors, the list is endless.

Call us on 01793 861584 or email: to discuss how to use achieve the look you are after.

How many sliding wardrobe doors do I need?

This will depend on the space you have available in your room; we offer wardrobes with 2 to 5 doors, and we can advise you on what would be best for you.

2 doors can cover up to 2100mm in width, 3 doors can cover up to 3100mm in width, 4 doors can cover up to 4100mm and 5 doors can cover up to 5100mm.

When can I expect my purchase to be delivered?

You should expect to receive your purchase around 3-4 weeks from placing your order but we will keep you up to date along the way.

Are sliding doors the only option for my wardrobe?

No, we also offer hinged wardrobe doors.

We use a lot of made to measure bespoke design hinged doors for loft conversions, when built into pitched ceilings or also when you want these fitted into areas that are better suited to hinged door products. We have a wide variety of shaker, modern and traditional hinged door designs in a wide variety of colours

Come and see what options we have for yourself at our Swindon showroom. Or please call 01793 861584 or email to discuss your requirements further.

How can you tell if the doors are cheaply made?

You can usually tell by the price. It can be tempting to go for cheap sliding wardrobe doors, but you should steer clear of them. We are a small family run business who offer good honest, quality products and sliding door for a good honest price and we have been proudly doing so for over 30 years.

Cheap sliding wardrobe doors can come apart easily and are more likely to jam and break. In the long run, paying a little extra for high quality sliding wardrobe doors, like the ones you can get here at Superglide, will be worth it and will last a lifetime.

How can I childproof my sliding wardrobe doors?

You can childproof your sliding wardrobe doors with a sliding door lock. This will prevent little fingers from getting trapped as well as stopping children from accessing whatever is inside your wardrobe. These locks can be easily bought online but are NOT something Superglide can supply for you.

How do sliding wardrobe doors work?

Our sliding wardrobe doors operate with a top and bottom track. Superglide’s doors are very strong and robust to give your doors great stability. We use roller wheels on the top and bottoms on the doors. The top roller wheels are NOT suspended in any way, these are simply a guide to show the doors where to travel and keep them very smooth and quiet. The bottom roller wheels have a unique anti-jump device system so these cannot simply fall or jump off their tracks you need to disable the anti-jump device if you ever want to remove the doors form their tracks.

Can I design my own wardrobe?

Yes, you can! You can design your own wardrobe and get the perfect design for your own home by using our wardrobe designer.

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