What is the installation process like?
What is the home consultation like?
What do I need to do to order online?
How are sliding wardrobe doors made?
Our sliding wardrobe doors are made on a steel system with a laminate casing placed on top, and any kind of wood or surface you choose can be used. Our Cotswold range of Superglide wardrobes is fabricated with a steel base, topped with MDF and finished with a laminate top.
How can I?

Our sliding wardrobe doors are made on a steel system with a laminate casing placed on top, and any kind of wood or surface you choose can be used. Our Cotswold range of Superglide wardrobes is fabricated with a steel base, topped with MDF and finished with a laminate top.

How much do sliding wardrobe doors cost?
Our sliding wardrobe doors range from £450 £1400 depending on the size and style. Check out our wardrobe range to find out more.
Can they be painted?
You can paint your wood sliding doors if you wish to. Follow the pain manufacturer’s guidelines for the best finish.
What do I need to measure for a sliding wardrobe door?
First, you need to measure the width of the wall that you want your wardrobe to be. Next, you need to measure the floor to ceiling height; you must do this in 3 different places to check for any differences in height. Even if you have measured the space previously, it’s always a good idea to measure it again before you purchase your new wardrobe.
Which style do I need?
The style depends on what your room is like and your personal preference. We have a range of full-length, millennium and oriental sliding doors available that will suit any room, with a variety of materials and finishes.
How many sliding wardrobe doors do I need?
This will depend on the space you have available in your room, we offer wardrobes with 2 5 doors and we can advise you on what would be best for you.
Which space in my room is the most ideal for a fitted wardrobe?
Any space along a wall can make a good space for a fitted wardrobe. We can make the most of any space in your room, whether you have regular or peak ceilings, to maximize your space. Call now or come and see us and we can advise you on what space would be best.
What does ‘bespoke’ mean?
Our wardrobe doors and bedroom furniture are bespoke, which means we make them to customer order. This means that you can talk with us about what you want, and we can create it for you. There are limitless possibilities!
What kinds of wood and glass can be used for my sliding wardrobe door?
For wood, we offer beech, maple, oak, pear, walnut and wenge. We have a variety of glass styles too, such as orchard green and titanium grey glass, and also offer frosted glass styles on certain types of wardrobe door.
What are the benefits of a fitted, sliding door wardrobe?
Unlike free-standing wardrobes, our fitted wardrobes aim to maximize the space in your room. The sliding doors mean you can get access to its contents quickly and easily, and inside the wardrobe we can fit drawers and shelves for maximum storage.
Do I need to have the same material on each of my wardrobe doors?
No, you can have different types of panels, wood or glass on any door of your wardrobe that you choose. Check out our range and build your own wardrobe with our virtual wardrobe builder.
Do I need to come in-store to purchase a sliding wardrobe door?
We know that it can be inconvenient to travel to a showroom or store when you’re busy or don’t live close by, that’s why we enable customers to make most wardrobe purchases online.
I want some shelves and drawers for the inside of my wardrobe. Is this possible?
It is. We offer a variety of interior wall columns with shelves and drawer boxes to suit any wardrobe. Check out our ‘wardrobe accessories’ page for more information.
When can I expect my purchase to be delivered?
You should expect to receive your purchase within 3 weeks of ordering.
Are sliding doors the only option for my wardrobe?
No, we also offer hinged wardrobe doors. Come and see what options we have for yourself at our Coleshill showroom.
How do you repair sliding wardrobe doors?
If your wardrobe door is sticking, you can resolve this by vacuuming up any debris or dirt that may be caught in the track and use a cleaning solution to get rid of the rest. If this doesn’t work then your sliding door may be sticking because of new flooring. In this case, you should adjust the height of the door. If your sliding door is old then you may need replacement roller wheels to prevent the door from sticking.
Will I have to fit my new wardrobe doors myself?
No, we have a team who can fit the doors for you upon delivery.
How can you tell if the doors are cheaply made?
You can usually tell by the price. It can be tempting to go for cheap sliding wardrobe doors, but you should steer clear of them.  Cheap sliding wardrobe doors can come apart easily and are more likely to jam and break. In the long run, paying a little extra for high quality sliding wardrobe doors, like the ones you can get here at Superglide, will be worth it and will last a lifetime.
How can I childproof my sliding wardrobe doors?
You can childproof your sliding wardrobe doors with a sliding door lock. This will prevent little fingers from getting trapped as well as stopping children from accessing whatever is inside your wardrobe. These locks can be easily bought online.
How do sliding wardrobe doors work?
Wardrobes with sliding doors have a track at either both the bottom and top of the wardrobe or just one of those. There will be a running gear on the track which, when attached, will enable the door to slide seamlessly open and closed.
What should I think about when choosing a bespoke wardrobe?

If you’re lucky enough to design your custom built wardrobe from scratch, you’ll want it to last – and be just the way you want it. As well as a comfortable, easy access door, think about what you want on the interior. Do you have more clothes that need hanging, like dresses and jackets, or would you prefer to have more shelf space for T-shirts and trousers? Remember, you can install one hanging rail above another to give you extra space – ideal if you don’t have many full-length dresses. Add drawers if you want more privacy, and you’d rather keep your things tucked away from view. All of these options are available on our website, and we’re happy to discuss them with you.

How big should a wardrobe be?

It depends on you and the space that you have available. We offer made to measure solutions to fit every space, from a standard two-door model all the way up to a luxurious five-door wardrobe. Whatever space you need to fill, your wardrobe will come to you cut to size. We aim to offer you the best way to make the most of your space, no matter how big or small it is.

How should I divide the space inside my wardrobe?

Think about how you’re planning to use the wardrobe, and also who will be using it. A custom built wardrobe allows you to make decisions that are just right for you. If you’re going to be sharing, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have an even number of shelves, drawers and rails. That can help keep arguments from developing. It’s also a good idea to plan for the future. Do you think your living arrangement will be changing soon, with new family members on the way? Remember, they’ll need space too, and plan your wardrobe with that in mind.

What kind of wardrobe is best for a small bedroom?

A hinged door adds to your wardrobe’s footprint, so avoid it and you won’t need to worry about moving things out of the way constantly. To create the illusion of a more spacious room, choose mirrored doors. These will make the room appear bigger and airier – even if it isn’t. Complement the mirror with a light coloured wood or even a white background. Dark colours can make a small room seem even smaller, so they’re best avoided.

What kind of wardrobe is best for a child's room?
It’s very important to think about what to put inside your child’s wardrobe. It’s a good idea to choose one with lots of shelves, as kids are more likely to have clothes that should be folded and put away, rather than hung up. Accessories like drawers are also very handy. You can use them for storing more than just clothes, particularly if space is at a premium. Pop toys and games in there too, to keep them out of the way.