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If you have decided you require a new wardrobe, it is essential you measure the space you have available, or your existing wardrobe, to ensure your new piece of furniture can be fitted smoothly. If you fail to measure your wardrobe, you may be left disappointed with a new wardrobe that does not fit in the space you have available or takes up too much space and dominates a room.

How to measure

If you are interested in a wardrobe with a sliding door, the below easy steps will help you to measure the area effectively.


– Measure the depth for your interior and allow a minimum of 620mm for both your interior space and the doors


– Measure the height of the wardrobe from top to bottom, where the sliding door would fit


– From left to right, measure across from one side to the other

Other things to consider

If you have measured the space available for a wardrobe, there are some other important things you must consider:

– Doors and windows: will the placement of your wardrobe affect any doors or sources of light in your room?
– Stability: Is the ground you wish to place your wardrobe on level and strong?
– Colour: What colour wardrobe will best compliment your room?

SuperGlide wardrobes offer robust quality sliding door wardrobes that will meet all your home storage needs. From large boxes, shoes to suitcases, our sliding wardrobe doors, and spacious interiors provide adequate provision for a range of items.

Expertly crafted and offering different products, you can choose from the full length, millennium or oriental selection to fit your desired room. Manufactured in the Cotswolds, we produce items to deliver to homes, hotels and builders all over the UK.

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