Are you the type of person that doesn’t think much about the design of the space you live in because you just can’t make up your mind about all the colours, sizes, shapes and textures of furniture, window dressings fixtures and flooring? One decision you do have to make is where to store your loads of clothing, books and accessories so that you’re not tripping over them all over the house – designed or un-designed.

When you purchase sliding wardrobe doors behind which to store your mess you may just be solving a design quandary. We at Superglide have quite a diversified selection. One may just strike your fancy and lead you to figure out what style décor you prefer.

Did you gravitate toward the Cotswold doors? Maybe you’re more of an elegant earthy traditionalist who’s attracted to our wood finishes such as walnut, maple, oak, pear or beech with classic pattern grooves routed into the edges of each panel. You can add a soft close system to keep the opening and closing discreet. There’s an Old World aristocratic feel to our Cotswold range.

Or maybe you immediately pointed to our millennium collection. Then you’re probably a more contemporary decorator and you have more creative control, as this collection allows you to choose three panels in either glass, coloured glass or mirror. They’re divided by hi tech looking aluminium frames that immediately give your room a streamlined, contemporary simplicity.

You may have embraced our light and airy Oriental panels that soften up the lighting in a room and are softer to the touch. Once you’ve had your made-to-measure wardrobe installed you might find yourself seeking a headboard and night table set to match!

Next thing you know you’ll be keeping an eye out for window dressing, bedding and art that enhance your newly discovered aesthetic sensibility! Our family run business has been helping people all over the UK take that first step into their design destination, and delivering sliding wardrobes doors free of charge. Give us a call and let’s discover your style together!

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