Back-to-school strategies that can improve your students’ time management skills

Everybody’s talking about how hard it is to believe the beginning of the school year has already begun. Before it catches you off guard and has you panicking through last minute shopping, supply organising and schedule planning, stop and consider the bigger picture.

Here at Superglide Wardrobes we have seen many studies and seminars address the problem that a large portion of the student population grapples with: not the material itself, but the logistics of deadlines and organisation. Even the brightest student who grasps the material easily can be sabotaged out of a good grade by his inability to keep books, materials and assignments in order and visually accessible.

Despite a teacher’s best efforts to provide a positive example of special-visual organization in the classroom, most of a grade is earned in the bedroom – so if that’s a mess, chances of making the Deans’ List go way down.

An easy way to help a student get organised and bring a new addition to her bedroom is to order sliding wardrobe doors. Once students have a designated space inside a snazzy wardrobe of their choice that is easy and fun to use, you’d be surprised how much more motivated they become to keep their supplies organised.

And this designated, strategically designed space makes supplies more accessible with a visual logic. The math book is easily shelved with the math binder, the science charts with the science assignments and the deadline calendar posted where it can be seen and referred to on a regular basis – each time the doors slide open.

There’s something about the sensual ritual of pulling open the door you choose and designed that empowers and engages a student – especially an adolescent, who values privacy and freedom to choose above all.

If over you allow your testy teen to browse through wardrobe varieties, they may start feeling a sense of entitlement – their bedroom is their domain and they are responsible for it. Even if your teen is a bit clumsy, or unaware of his own strength, a wardrobe that’s custom-built out of high quality materials can take a bit of a beating.

And a company that manufactures sliding wardrobe doors and provides a slew of design and texture choices actually ignites their imagination.

Sliding doors are not suspended from the ceiling are much easier to use. A sliding wardrobe door system that runs with weight onto the floor with a high quality aluminium frame is more durable.  When the top track is the only one fixed to the ceiling the doors also open and close quietly – a teenager’s room is loud enough as is.

As much as you may enjoy shopping with your teenager, he or she just may not find the time to go out with you in search of the perfect organisational bedroom storage solution. Fortunately, such easy-to-use sliding doors can be purchased on line.

If you know the dimensions or the space you’ll be allocating for storage, and if you decide on the material that matches the bedroom buying can be a breeze. Does your student have a contemporary flair? A more traditional masculine taste? Oriental light and airy preference? Sliding wardrobe doors can be made to match any style room.

If your teen would prefer the convenience of designing and ordering your sliding wardrobe doors from the comfort of your laptop, we can accommodate that perfectly here at Superglide.

We are a family run business and we personally understand the challenges of parents and teens in attempting to maintain an organised household and a decent report card. Ring us today to relieve some of that back-to-school stress you’ve been dreading, and enjoy what’s left of summer holiday!

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Dave Collins
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